Salteez Beer Salt Strips

Real Beer Salt Flavor Strips That Stick to Your Bottle, Can, or Cup

Available in Salt & Lime, Chili Lime, and Pickle Salt

For a Perfectly Dressed Beer Anytime Anywhere

Peel It, Stick It, Lick It!


Real Beer Salt Flavor Strips

Available in Salt & Lime, Chili Lime, and Pickle Salt

Sticks to any bottle, can, or cup

The perfect compliment to your beer, margarita, or any cocktail

Easy to use – Peel it, Stick it, Lick it!

Each Salteez pack comes with 10 individual beer salt strips


I love these things! Either at home, at a local watering hole, or on the river... They are simply amazing! I take them everywhere! Plus they taste amazing without the mess!!

- Joey

I love these! My husband likes them with his beer, but they they go great with more than just beer. They were fresh, easy to peel and stick to the bottle, and they taste great.

- Meghan

If you haven't tried these, you don't know what you're missing! I use these on beers and margaritas. They are perfect for taking to the river because you don't have to mess with beer salt or limes. Just stick one on your can and you have your salt and lime.

- Sheila

Salteez are Patent Pending